A platform to manage your congregation using the New Testament pattern for church growth.
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Upload articles or blog posts to update and encourage your members. You can even make them pop with a featured image.
If you create weekly bulletins, you can upload them to this module. You can also trigger emails to send the bulletin to members that opt-in to this type of notification.
Manage and display classes for all ages. Create posters and graphics to encourage attendance. This module also serves as the main module to host Series, Videos, and Podcasts.
Members can access other members' addresses, phone numbers, anniversaries, and birthdays. Site Editors can organize members by baptism status, veteran status, or if they are shut-in. Members can update their own information if the Profile module is enabled.
Elder's Report
Elder's can see who has been missing lately or prayer request needs for those in their shepherding group. They can also see attendance and event statistics.
Display and track the activities your congregation is involved in. Includes support to sync with all Calendar applications. Site Editors can create posters and graphics for promotion as well as load events to the Announcements module to save time.
Flow Chart
In this module, you can organize your ministries in the 5 ares of ministry and allow your members to see who is in charge of each area so they know who to talk to.
Allows members to easily check-in at worship services or you can even turn it on for any event. Assign Attendance Takers who can take attendance from their mobile device. This data always Elders and staff know who has been missing recently. Goodbye attend
Setup a form of all the ministries your congregation works with. Members can let you know which areas they would like to help with. Data is synced with the Serving module to pre-populate people who wish to serve in the worship service. You can set coordin
Spiritual Gift Assessment
Members can complete a questionnaire to help figure out what ministries might play to their strengths.
Post message to your congregation through various ways.
Convert items from the Classes module into Podcasts and allows MP3 hosting for episodes.
Members can submit prayer requests for your Elders and other members to pray for. The prayer list is always available in your Members area.
Regular Bible Readers
Members are encouraged to read their Bible every day and can let you know if they achieved their goal.
Archive items from the Classes module with media from the Videos module.
Assign members to roles in the order of worship. They can receive email notifications and even let you know if they can't make it.
Nicely display members of your staff like office workers, building, elders, deacons, ministers and others.
Manage YouTube videos and group them into items from the Series module.
This module differs from the Involvement module by helping you promote the various ministries of your congregation on your public website.
Members Area
This module creates the login screen and main members page after logging in. If you turn this off other modules that require security like Directory will not be accessible.
Member Profile
This module allows member to update some of their own data by themselves.
Organize meal needs for members and allow others to fulfill them. Connects directly with your Members area and Directory to allow members to take dates and know where to take the meal.
Allow guests to inform you of their visit so you can have people follow up.
Create slides for use in the Screens module and to display during your worship services.
Manage sections of your congregation into Shepherding, Small or other types of groups. Manage leaders and soon you will be able to chat between your groups.
Create displays using data from other modules to showcase on TVs around your building. Current screens include a Members area, Announcements, Feedback Monitor, Featured Image, and Events.
Online Worship
Schedule YouTube live streams to display on your homepage and/or other pages of your site.
Our system sends out notifications by email, this module allows you to update the email text that the system sends out.
Upload and access files that are used in other modules from one location.
This module hold the various settings used to develop your website. Including domain name manage, themes and colors, user roles and more.
Restore or completely remove deleted items from your different modules.
This module allows you to create the structure of your website and where the data from all your modules will be displayed. It is based off blocks on content listed in rows.
Turn off and on the modules that run your website.
In this module you can design logos, posters, graphics and visuals for your building, social media or other areas of your website.
This module currently has only one game (Feud) that you can use to have fun activities with your members.
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